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Habacus Hordes is an electronic and industrial active project born in 2003 with HssH who plays all instruments. It is very different from a lot of bands. Tracks give evidence here.


Habacus Hordes released eight opus since the beginning. With Diahableries first and then with Believe: Listen to Sucabah speech (2004), Heimat -EFH -2008 (2008), € Impauvrisation (2011), Arta Hedonista (2012), Revisiting older (2013), 2014 (2014), The end ep (2014)Nous somme Legion (2019). All releases are available worldwide. You can play Habacus Hordes at deezer, spotify, rhapsody, Amazon music and more.


But HssH created side projects too. The most famous is the self titled tape out in 2002 and limited to 150 items. Three tracks of an excessive industrial metal act for 150 lucky crazy fans ! You can find a video that plays one track on line. Another opus is out  in 2016. it's a new single called WaS.


Habacus Hordes did not plays live because HssH didn't look for additional musicians and it should not be different now and in future. 


At last, Habacus Hordes is a french project from Paris and HssH also goes in for photography, poetry and paintings.

- Go to Poems (in Europa) and read. The next step will be a story published on Habacus Hordes's a few years. 

-  Go to Empire Obsezion, discover HssH's visual art.










habacus hordes hssh channel

The first Habacus Hordes opus is a CD release. Still available at

Seven tracks of a dark extreme industrial metal and innovating music.

(This release is a split CD with Autolyse which is a dark electro project from Paris).

habacus hordes hssh
habacus hordes hssh channel